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Introduction of Hepa clean
@(asbestos anti-mine dust measure device)

I am most suitable for an anti-particul ates of asbestos measure !

Characterisitic of Hepa clean

EIt was developed as a high-performance air cleaner. EIt is very convenient as a fresh air in roduction device.
EI store circulation-type (air) indoor air conditioning. EPerformance is distinguished by pre filter, an active carbon filter, a combination with hepa filter.
EBecause I am mobile, I can choose a place freely.

Hepa clean filter characteristic

More than sampling efficiency 99%

Specifications and structure of Hepa clean

@ Min body PVC (ivory 5mmt)
Name Hepa clean
Model 515-50 type
Dimensions 500~500~1570mm
Power supply 100V~0.2kw
Materials PVC 5mmt Ivoly
A Sirocco fan (STS-150)
10m3/min~200pa~0.2kw (100V)
B Differential pressure gauge. FR51HV
C Fan switch (ON/OFF)
D Hepa filter (450~480~75mm)
E Elelta filter (450~480~65mm)
F Inhalation mauth (galaly is with it)
G Pre-filter (480~350~15mm)
H Active carbon filter (480~350~20mm)
I Active carbon filter (480~350~20mm)
J Vent (galaly is with it)

Good environment, we think about air, water, green of the earth carefully and present whether there is it Look at the line of products nap which us's original technique to support with high safety and reliability glitters

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New service
I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
New service

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Draft chamber SV-type (PVC)
Draft chamber PSD-type(PP)
Chemical fan
PCV/PP Duct product
Deodorization density
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